9 Subtle Signs You’ve Successfully Closed the Deal

closed the deal

Closing the deal is the top priority for sales managers everywhere. It’s the point where you’ve provided the right service, at the right time, to the right person. It’s where they agree to your sales proposal.

It’s a great experience. But if you’re too excited to notice, you might miss the signs that you’ve successfully closed the deal. If that happens, it’s too late to celebrate. So how do you know it’s time to pop the champagne?

Don’t worry; we’ll help you spot the signs that you nailed it. Keep reading to learn more.

1. A Firm Handshake From Client

A firm handshake from a client is one of the subtle signs that you have successfully closed the deal. This moment of physical contact is an indication of the client’s trust in you and your company and shows that they’re ready to make the deal.

The handshake can also be a confirmation that all terms of the deal have been agreed upon and represent the agreement to honor them. By offering a strong handshake, the client is demonstrating their confidence in the ability of the deal to be beneficial for all of the parties involved. This mostly happens to mergers and acquisitions, where are parties are happy with the deal.

2. The Client is Excited and Happy

The client’s enthusiasm and happiness are the clearest sign that you’ve successfully closed the deal. Other subtle signs to look for include the client smiling and being relaxed during the conversation. This can translate to more engaging and meaningful conversations, as the client should also appear more open and honest.

The client should also remember the details of the deal that have been discussed and show a greater level of understanding of the agreement. This is one of the common signs in clients, especially if a sales representative deal toys to the right client.

3. The Client is Preparing For the Implementation

Successfully closing a deal is an important part of a successful business. Signs that a client is preparing for implementation include frequent check-ins, asking for additional resources, and asking specific questions related to implementation.

As a salesperson, you should be aware of these subtle signs. The client may be more forthcoming with their requests, which is a sign they are getting their ducks in a row to move forward. Your job is to be responsive and timely to facilitate a smooth transaction.

4. The Client is Responsive to Any Suggestions

Clients that are responsive to any suggestions are a subtle sign you have successfully closed the deal. They will be more inclined to go out of their way to be positive and offer constructive feedback. They will also suggest more beneficial ways to ensure a favorable outcome.

If a client is willing to make changes for the benefit of the business then it is likely that their needs have been met and the deal has successfully been made. Signs of responsiveness that can be indicative of this could include actively asking questions and offering feedback, as well as them displaying overall enthusiasm for the product or service that is presented.

5. The Client is Eager to Begin Planning

It is a gratifying experience when the hard work of closing the deal pays off and the client is eager to begin. When a client expresses excitement and anticipation of moving ahead, these are signs that your hard work was successful. They may offer suggestions for the next steps to take or ask detailed questions about the planning process.

They may also show thanks and gratitude for your hard work and dedication. They could be open and eager to discuss their hopes and expectations for the project, providing more information and ideas that could help the planning phase. This is also the best sign to look out for in business collaborations.

6. Client Agrees to All Terms

When it comes to closing any sort of deal, there are generally a few subtle signs that let you know you’ve been successful. For instance, if you’re working with a client and you’ve carefully walked them through all proposed terms, and all of their questions have been answered, that usually indicates that they’re at ease with the conditions.

Additionally, when a client is comfortable with the terms they’ll typically agree to all conditions in a specific, concise answer. In short, if a client agrees to all terms, then chances are you have successfully closed the deal.

7. They Have In-depth Questions

When discussing a potential sale or deal, the customer’s curious nature is usually a sign they are interested. When someone has in-depth questions and wants to dig deeper into the details, that could be a sign they’re ready to close the deal.

Asking a lot of pertinent questions can show that the customer has done their homework and is serious about the purchase. Additionally, asking for customer references or past success stories is another way to gauge your customer’s interest level.

8. They No Longer Seem Hesitant

Every successful sale requires the buyer to be completely sure about the outcome, and there are subtle signs that mark a successful closure. As a sales representative, you should look out for any signs that indicate the customer is no longer hesitant to close the deal.

If they start offering more insight into their process, discussing pricing, and expressing concern in a meaningful way, chances are they are ready. They might also start committing to fulfilling the order within a given timeline, without any doubts or reservations.

9. Clients Give Payments

When the client has made a payment, they are usually quick to thank you or the organization to whom they have made the payment. They may also call or email to confirm that the payment has been made and that the transaction was successful.

If a client has made a verbal agreement then it is important to follow up and request formal payment. Finally, having regular or timely payments indicates that the agreement is still in effect and that the negotiations have been successful.

Look for This Signs to Indicate a Closed the Deal

Congratulations! You are now one step closer to success. You identified the cues that showed you closed the deal. Now, start using these subtle signs in your sales process to continue to perform well.

Some of these signs are seen in a b2b sale. Take the next step and apply the strategies you just learned to put yourself in a stronger sales position.

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