Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) can be defined as a series of valuable healthcare actives that focus on therapies and are often categorized as non-conventional medical procedures. They do not form part of the conventional groups and classes of widely recognized medicines but play a crucial role in elevating the overall health welfare of the patients. CAM is mainly characterized by the use of therapies that focus on enhancing the body’s healing capability following natural processes that do not need the intervention of medical products (Johnson et al., 2019). Therefore, they are mainly used to complement conventional or commonly known medical products due to their unique capability of treating or helping manage various health conditions that are likely to interfere with the quality of life and general health welfare of the people. The therapies can be used for mental and physical treatment and make the conditions easier to manage when using them solely or focusing on reinforcement from both categories. The treatment outcomes using these options may vary depending on the response of the person’s body and other variables that significantly influence the quality. Therefore, they are primarily used to enhance welfare, increase treatment efficiency using medicinal products, and elevate the overall quality of life.HireProfessionalEssayWriters

One example of complementary and alternative medicine is mindfulness meditation to increase psychological welfare. Nurse practitioners can incorporate mindfulness meditation into their practice to complement medication and address the major psychological issues that can be overlooked or have a high-risk factor interfering with the mental stability of the victim. One of the approaches that can be used to implement reasonable practice and elevate the overall outcomes from the treatment process is allocating a small percentage of the treatment session to guide the patient through mindfulness practices and engage them in meditation activities that can help with condition management or overall treatment process (Wiles, 2022). The nurse can also inform the patients of the need for frequent and regular mindfulness meditations at home or work to ensure that the brain is fully engaged and the general mental health is enhanced. Additionally, nurse practitioners can recommend and advise on the CAM modalities that are relevant and directly applicable to elevate the health outcome of the people. For example, the nurse can write a recommendation about the actual procedures of the meditation therapies to increase the confidence levels of the patients acquiring them and create interest in using them to complement the medicinal options prescribed to treat or manage their conditions. (OrderforHomeworkHelp)

In this case, the nurse practitioner’s role is important because it can accommodate diversity and facilitate meditation therapy to address the complex psychological issues that need a holistic approach to be addressed with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The process can involve working closely with mental health professionals and experts to ensure that all options are available for each case and allow for a better opportunity for recovery or condition management (Wiles, 2022). In this case, the role of the nurse practitioner in the effective use of CAM makes the treatment plan more effective, justifying the need to be used as part of the treatment procedures and options that can suit the unique and exclusive cases of each patient. Mental health professionals can also contribute positively and create value by working closely with the nurse to identify the need of each case and guide on the appropriate integration of mindfulness in the treatment and condition-monitoring. Nurse practitioners can also advocate for providing resources like books and outline that provide detailed guidelines on the best approach to make mindfulness therapy more effective and efficient in addressing issues in the psychological dimensions that need suitable attention.

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