The Best Small Cities to Live in the United States

Best Small Cities
Best Small Cities

Small cities are one of the best places to settle down because they have a little bit of fun for everyone! Not only do they offer endless fun and excitement, but you can also slip away to some quieter areas without having to go far.

If you’re ready to find your perfect smaller city: these are the ones you should consider.

Redmond, Washington

Home to the headquarters for both Nintendo America, and Microsoft, this doesn’t sound like it would be a small city: but Redmond has a population of fewer than 80,000 people calling it home as of 2022! This smaller city has fantastic mountain views, endless greenery, a retirement community, and so much to do. You’ll love that it’s just twenty minutes from downtown Seattle and how gorgeous the surrounding area is.

Alexandria, Virginia

At home on the Potomac River, Alexandria is a gem in Virginia. With the largest population on this list, it’s still able to hold onto smaller city vibes by the sheer number of unique businesses, fantastic views, and older architecture. The weather here is fantastic year-round, and although Alexandria houses for sale are generally expensive, they’re more than worth it. Living here is as close as you can get to living in a small town while still getting the perks of being near Washington, DC!

Butte, Montana

Once the largest city in the western half of the country, Boone has fizzled out to just 30,000 people: but that doesn’t mean it’s missing anything! This smaller city has a lot of history, delicious food, endless affordable housing, and enough fun to ensure you never have to wonder what you’ll do during the weekend. A mile high, you’ll love the circle of mountains surrounding the main city and the awesome mining and gold rush history.

Boone, North Carolina

Although this area gets a few feet of snow every winter, this mountain wonderland should be considered by anyone who wants to feel inspired year-round. Known as a writer and creative retreat to locals, Boone has endless things to do and see and some of the best foods and desserts you can find. From fresh berries to awesome taffy, you’ll fall in love with this small mountain city in no time.

Albany, Georgia

If you love music and good food, there’s nowhere better to be than Albany, Georgia! This fantastic smaller city in southwestern Georgia has a long history and has been seeing a major comeback in recent years. The birthplace of Ray Charles and tons of other fantastic musicians, you’ll love the history you’ll feel while you’re here. Affordable living ensures you can enjoy the finer things without having to feel like you’re giving up small-city living.

There’s Nothing Like Living in a Small City

Living in a smaller city gives you the freedom to enjoy affordable living while still getting all of the perks a city can offer. If you’re ready to explore a new area and aren’t sure where to land, consider some of these fantastic spaces.

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