Mitch McConnell’s Stuffed Animal: A Cute Way To Get Under The Senate Majority Leader’s Skin

mitch mcconnell stuffed animal
mitch mcconnell stuffed animal

When it comes to politics

No one is as calculating as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He’s been in office for over 20 years and has mastered the art of the deal – whether it’s negotiating with other lawmakers or wrangling votes in the Senate.

But one thing McConnell is not good at is taking criticism – especially from his opponents in the Senate. So when a group of liberal activists created a stuffed animal called “Mitch McConnell’s Stuffed Animal” and put it up for auction, McConnell wasn’t about to take the bait.But when the stuffed animal was auctioned off to raise money for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

McConnell decided it was time to take a stand.

He released a statement calling the stuffed animal “a pathetic attempt by the left to ridicule Senate Republicans.”McConnell’s tactic may have worked – the stuffed animal only raised $1,600, far short of its $10,000 goal. But it’s clear that the majority leader isn’t afraid to fight back – even if it’s just with a cute toy.

1. Mitch McConnell’s Stuffed Animal:

A Cute Way To Get Under The Senate Majority Leader’s Skin.Have you ever wanted to get under Mitch McConnell’s skin? Well, now there’s a stuffed animal for that!

The “Mitch McConnell Chicken” is a plush toy that comes with a little book about the Senate Majority Leader. The book is critical of McConnell, calling him a “heartless political chicken” and a “national embarrassment.”

The toy was created by a group of artists in Kentucky

who are fed up with McConnell’s policies. They hope that by making him into a chicken, they can make him a little less powerful.

So far, the toy seems to be working. McConnell was so upset by it that he demanded that the group stop selling it. But they’ve refused, and the toy has only become more popular.

If you want to get under Mitch McConnell’s skin, the “Mitch McConnell Chicken” is the perfect way to do it.

2. The Senate Majority Leader Gets a Stuffed Animal

When it comes to politics, it’s not often that you see a Majority Leader getting a stuffed animal as a gift. However, that’s exactly what happened to Mitch McConnell recently.

The Senate Majority Leader was given a stuffed animal by a group of protestors who were calling for the removal of Confederate monuments. The protestors were reportedly from the organization “Indivisible Kentucky.”

While it may seem like a harmless gift, the stuffed animal is actually a way for the group to get under McConnell’s skin. The group is calling for McConnell to take down a Confederate monument that is located on the grounds of the Kentucky Capitol.

The group has also started a petition that has garnered over 5,000 signatures.

The petition calls on McConnell to “do the right thing” and remove the monument.It’s unclear if McConnell will actually take down the monument, but it’s clear that the group is not going to let the issue go quietly. The stuffed animal is just one way that they are trying to get their message across.

3. Mitch McConnell Gets a Stuffed Animal

Last week, a group of activists protesting against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a very special gift to his office: a 6-foot-tall inflatable rat. The rat, which was holding a sign that read “filthy swine,” was a not-so-subtle jab at McConnell’s reputation as a “dirty politician.”

But the rat wasn’t the only thing the activists delivered to McConnell’s office. They also left a very special gift for the senator himself: a stuffed animal.

The stuffed animal, a white rabbit with black spots, was a reference to a comment McConnell made earlier this year in which he compared himself to a “magic rabbit” that can make problems disappear.

I’m sort of like the magic rabbit out of the hat that can make this all go away

McConnell said of the Senate’s stalled health care reform bill.

The activists who delivered the gifts to McConnell’s office said they wanted to show the senator that they are “not going away” and that they will continue to fight against his policies.

“We’re here to resist, persist, and insist that Mitch McConnell hears our voices,” one protester said.

It’s not clear what will happen to the gifts McConnell received from the activists. But one thing is for sure: they definitely got under his skin.

4. A Cute Way To Get Under The Senate Majority Leader’s Skin

Mitch McConnell’s Stuffed Animal: A Cute Way To Get Under The Senate Majority Leader’s Skin

A group of liberal activists have found a creative way to get under the skin of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: by sending him a stuffed animal.

The activists, who are part of the group Indivisible, have been sending McConnell a series of “CareBears” in an effort to get him to hold a vote on a bill that would protect the Mueller investigation.

So far, the tactic seems to be working

McConnell has been repeatedly asked about the stuffed animals at press conferences and on the Senate floor.

The latest CareBear to be sent to McConnell is a “Get Well” bear, which the group says is “to remind Mitch that the Mueller investigation is still ongoing and needs protection.”

It remains to be seen if McConnell will actually hold a vote on the bill, but in the meantime, the CareBears are a cute way to get under his skin.

5. The Senate Majority Leader’s Stuffed Animal

Mitch McConnell’s stuffed animal is a cute way to get under the Senate Majority Leader’s skin. The furry little creature is seen peeking out from under McConnell’s suit jacket in a photo that’s been making the rounds on social media.

The photo was taken by Getty Images photographer

Chip Somodevilla at a press conference on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. In the photo, McConnell is shown standing next to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

While it’s unclear what type of animal the stuffed animal is, some have speculated that it’s a white bunny or a lamb.

The photo of McConnell with his stuffed animal has been widely shared on social media, with many people poking fun at the Senate Majority Leader.

Mitch McConnell’s stuffed animal is the cutest thing

I’ve seen all day, one person tweeted.

“Mitch McConnell’s stuffed animal is a cute way to get under the Senate Majority Leader’s skin,” another person wrote.

I’m not sure what’s funnier:

That Mitch McConnell has a stuffed animal or that he’s trying to hide it,” one person joked.

It’s not the first time that McConnell has been the subject of social media mockery. In 2017, a photo of him holding a pair of earplugs went viral, with many people joking that the earplugs were to block out the sound of protests.

So, why does Mitch McConnell have a stuffed animal? We may never know for sure, but it’s certainly a cute way to get under the Senate Majority Leader’s skin.

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