7 Attractions to Visit During Your Disney World Vacation

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Disney World is not just for children and families. There are many fun and amazing things to do for adults at night. Many guests don’t know what to expect and are disappointed with a Disney World vacation.

While you may think about Disney cruises and a family vacation, there are many fun things for adults to do in Disney World.

Many visitors plan Disney world vacations, yet they don’t focus on the time to experience the fun attractions. There is so much to do and see at Disney; why miss out?

You can have fun at Disney World without going on rides. Fun activities are a great way to experience Disney World and learn more about the attractions.

Here is our guide on some of the things to do and attractions at Disney World for the next time you plan a trip. Read on!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney World vacation has some great attractions to visit, and one of the best ones is “Pirates of the Caribbean”. This is a family-friendly experience with a pirate-themed cruise featuring colorful boats, fun waterfalls, swashbuckling pirates, and lively music. The boats will take you and your family through a pirate’s bay set up for an immersive experience.

You will enter a secret cave where you will face giant cannons and an exciting pirate battle. Along the way, you will see animated mermaids, dragon-guarded loot, and more. Your family will get to join the hunt for sunken treasures and venture through bustling ports.

So, learn about Disney today and plan ahead to make the most of your vacation.

2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

If you’re looking for a fun attraction to visit during your Disney World Vacation, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a perfect choice. It is both family-friendly and thrilling to experience. This interactive ride allows you to join Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as they work in the diamond mine.

You’ll go through a cavern full of glittering gems and exciting surprises. It’s sure to be a ride your family won’t soon forget. The coaster part of the mine train is perfect for children and adults alike; gentle enough for the little ones and still a thrilling ride for the adults.

3. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Remyrsquos Ratatouille Adventure is one of the must-see attractions to visit during your Disney World vacation. Located in the France Pavilion section at Epcot, this ride brings you on a wild adventure through the kitchen with Remy the Rat from the beloved Pixar film Ratatouille.

This experience takes you through elaborate set pieces and a truly immersive 4D experience with wind, bubbles, and even scents! It is perfect for the whole family and sure to bring lots of laughs and joy.

While on the ride, you can also enjoy a choice of classic French music to add to the charm of the experience. Furthermore, for those who don’t want to get on the ride, Disney World offers a non-rider view where you can still feel immersed in the Ratatouille experience from the safety of a showroom gallery.

4. Frozen Ever After

If you have a Frozen fan in your family and you’re headed to Disney World for your vacation, “Frozen Ever After” is an absolute must to visit! This attraction offers guests an adventure with beloved film characters.

You can board a boat and float through the kingdom of Arendelle and visit the kingdom’s beloved characters, each with their own music and story.

Not to mention meeting Anna and Elsa in person! The special effects and layered audio make this a truly magical experience with plenty of photo opportunities. You and your family can shop for authentic Frozen merchandise, themed food, and beverages.

5. Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

As part of your Disney World Vacation, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway should definitely be on the list of attractions to visit. This ride takes you into the wacky and wonderful world of Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts as you hop aboard a train with Goofy as your engineer.

On the journey, you will travel through a magical landscape featuring colorful and interactive animations, whirling gears, bubbling cauldrons, and delightful animated surprises.

The ride also features a new state-of-the-art trackless ride system, creating an environment of never-ending surprises. From the whimsical and charming Grand Central Station to the spectacular finale on The Runaway Saggywagon, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is sure to create a memorable and magical experience for all who visit.

6. Avatar Flight of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage is one of the most popular attractions to visit during a Disney World vacation. This thrilling 4D adventure takes you on a multimedia journey that combines 3D visuals, special effects, and life-like motion to make the experience feel incredibly real. On the ride, you get to take a flight on the back of one of the Avatar world’s iconic large, winged creatures.

The ride includes breathtaking views, as well as an immersive 3D audio system. The 360-degree views make it almost like you’re actually in the Avatar world, with vibrant visuals and incredible action scenes.

Flight of Passage also offers an interactive queue experience – full of interactive elements and a sampling of what the rest of the Avatar universe holds.

7. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

A Disney World vacation is a can’t-miss opportunity with ample attractions that all members of the family can enjoy. At the top of the list is the highly anticipated lure of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, a state-of-the-art attraction situated in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Using fully immersive 3D projection and other technologies, the attraction allows visitors to re-create classic cinematic moments of The Force Awakens and be transported into scenes from the movies. Guests can experience the impact of the menacing First Order, join the mission against them, and feel the power of the Resistance for themselves.

Making the Most of Your Disney World Vacation Adventure Today

A Disney World vacation is the ultimate destination for family fun, with world-class attractions and entertainment around every corner.

From thrilling attractions like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the Expedition Everest coaster to classic favorites like Splash Mountain, your family will find something to keep everyone entertained. So plan your next family vacation to Disney World to experience a magical vacation like no other!

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