What Are the Different Types of Coffee Blends That Exist Today?

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Do you like to know what you’re getting in the cup before you buy it?

One way to cut through all the labels and marketing is to talk blends. Know the various types of caffeine and the intention present in a coffee before you purchase it.

Wondering what the different types of coffee blends are? Keep reading to find out more!


Arabica beans are grown in various regions across the world, and they produce a wide range of tasting notes and flavors depending on where they are grown. Some popular Arabica blends include Colombian, Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Brazilian.

For those looking for more intense flavor, espresso blends of Arabica are popular, along with full-bodied Guatemalan and Nicaraguan blends. Arabica beans are also used in liqueurs and teas, giving them a unique and balanced flavor.


It has a higher caffeine content than its counterpart, Arabica, and is grown primarily in Africa. Robusta makes up around 30 percent of the world’s global best coffee crop, so it is an essential ingredient in many blends of coffee, from dark and rich espresso roasts to light and mellow drip brews.

Robusta beans typically have a nutty, earthy, and cocoa character, often with notes of caramel and toasted nuts. They also tend to be less acidic but densely aromatic and flavorful. However, when blended with a lighter-bodied Arabica, it can add depth and character to the cup.


This type of blend produces a stronger cup of coffee, which is perfect for those days when you need a bit of an extra kick. A black coffee blend can be prepared as a cold brew, in which the coffee grounds are soaked in cold water for several hours before being strained, or it can be served as a pour-over or espresso.

Because the coffee beans used in this blend are often medium-dark roasted, black coffee blend often features a sweet and smoky taste. Overall, the black coffee blend is great for those who prefer a bold and powerful cup of coffee.


The Americano is typically stronger than regular coffee, and as such, it is popular among many coffee enthusiasts. It also contains fewer calories than a regular cup of coffee, so it is a good choice for health-conscious people.

The Americano has become even more popular with the emergence of specialty coffee drinks such as the Latte and Cappuccino. There are a variety of different types of coffee, including dark roast, light roast, and medium roast.


Generally, a blend will focus on a particular flavor, like dark, fruity, or sweet. Espresso blends may also include a combination of robusta and arabica beans, each with its unique contribution.

The balance of different coffees to produce a pleasant espresso is all part of the art and craft of blending, which is why espresso blends are highly sought after. Ultimately, the perfect espresso will depend on the individual’s tastes, but custom espresso blends are a great way to adjust to one’s preferences.

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Learn the Types of Coffee

Coffee blends provide a wide variety of options and tastes that can accommodate even the pickiest of coffee drinkers. Take time to learn about all the types of coffee blends available, and try a few to find your favorite.

Understanding the different types of coffee blends can open up doors that lead to unparalleled coffee-drinking experiences. So get out there, try different blends, and discover your new favorite cup of coffee.

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