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business custom koozies for cowokers

Promo products are an excellent way to kickstart engagement with your target audience and spread the word about your brand. Up to 81 percent of small businesses in the United States of America use word-of-mouth marketing to grow their brand awareness. Happy customers are a seamless way to market your brand, but you shouldn’t stop at that.

Business promo products are an ace up your sleeve when growing a small business and marketing to your target audience. Promotional products provide value and allow your business to stick in the minds of your audience.

The good news is that today is the day to learn some unique and helpful business promo ideas to announce your business and the benefits of your goods and services. Keep reading this article for some special promo items today!

Tracker and Luggage Tab

Traveling is an escape that lets you explore new corners of the globe, learn about different cultures, and dive into tasty cuisines. The primary stressor with traveling is losing your luggage during the transportation process. Your brand can solve this issue with one promotional product that benefits the lives of your target audience.

The perfect promo item is a tracker and luggage tab with your brand’s logo. Your customer can list their address and contact info while tracking their luggage’s location. You can help your target audience avoid the stress and hassle of lost luggage with this helpful promo product.

Pickleball Set

Another fun idea for business promo items is a pickleball set. Your brand will stand out from the competition since you encourage your target audience to get outside and have fun. It’s a fast-paced and entertaining way to enjoy healthy competition with friends and family.

It’s also the fastest-growing sport in the United States. Your target market will love receiving a branded pickleball set from your company. Your brand will remain in the target audience’s mind since you handed out a pickleball set rather than a generic ink pen.

Wine Canteen

Drinkware is a popular choice when small businesses start diving into their options for business promo products. Coffee and water bottles are both foolproof options, but you can hand out a branded wine canteen to separate yourself from the pack.

Your customers will love having an insulated bottle designed to hold an entire bottle of their favorite wine. They’ll enjoy their favorite red and white wines no matter where they travel. It’s the perfect companion for trips to the beach, days at the pool, and nights around the campfire.

Drink Coolies

Drink coolies are another form of drinkware that is popular as a promotional product. They’re inexpensive to manufacture and purchase, and they provide an extra layer of insulation for your cold beverage. You can also use the space on these coolies to print your brand’s logo and name for inexpensive marketing.

Use your brand’s colors to help the business custom koozies for cowokers to stand out and draw more eyes. Many people will notice these coolies during their time at the pool or out on the lake. They’re an excellent choice if you want to kick your brand’s marketing and brand awareness into high gear.

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are the trendy way to listen to music and handle phone calls in 2023. Handing out branded wireless earbuds is a memorable way to use promo items for marketing your company and increasing brand awareness. No customer will turn down a pair of free wireless earbuds since many people love listening to music in a convenient manner.

They’re the perfect addition for someone living an on-the-go lifestyle. Your customers will love having these earbuds for travel purposes as well as business applications. Each time they reach for their earbuds to listen to music, watch TikToks, or take a call, they’ll think of your small business.

Electric Candle Lighter

If uniqueness is what you’re aiming for, consider a branded electric candle lighter for your brand’s marketing and promo product needs. These candle lighters charge rapidly using electricity, and they offer a windproof flame. It’s a wonderful tool to have at the campsite or on your home’s patio.

They use a small electric arc, and these lighters can light anything a normal lighter can light. BBQ grills and fireworks work perfectly with this electric lighter, which will be the talk of the Fourth of July BBQ party. Your target audience will safely light fireworks with this lighter rather than battling the breeze with a traditional lighter.

Dog Bag Dispenser

Tens of millions of households in the United States have a furry friend living in their homes. It’s no secret that dogs require much walking for exercise and overall happiness. The obstacle occurs when your canine faces a call of nature, and you lack a bag to clean it up.

A branded dog bag dispenser from your small business is a memorable and helpful option if you try to find business promo products. You’ll make it easy for your target audience to clean up after their dogs, keeping the peace with neighbors and engendering happiness.

Branded Dry Bag

People are getting more adventurous than ever, so consider handing out a branded dry bag as part of your business promo items list. A 10-liter dry bag is a perfect companion for a day on the water, whether you’re tubing, kayaking, or on a whitewater rafting trip. These customers can rely on your dry bag to keep their essential belongings safe and dry so they can focus on having fun and making memories.

Grow Your Brand With Business Promo Products

Taking steps to grow your brand is the key to reaching the pinnacle of your market, and business promo products are an essential part of that plan. Useful items like drink coolies and dry bags will make your target audience happy on those adventurous days. Add value to their lives with a dog bag dispenser to make those daily walks a breeze.

Don’t let your promotional products take a back seat to your competitors. Check out more of our blog posts for helpful tips to boost your brand awareness.

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