Limonene 101: The Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects, Explained

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Limonene is a powerful compound that can potentially kill cancer cells and detox the liver and body.

From your brain to your toes, you’ll notice improvements in your health after consuming cannabis with limonene inside. Although this ingredient isn’t the solution for all, it’s a natural alternative to many medications and forms of treatment.

Continue reading to discover all there is to know about limonene terpenes and how they can help you!

What Is Limonene?

If you’ve consumed citrus fruits, you’ve had limonene.

Limonene is a chemical from citrus fruits, like lemons, grapefruits, and limes. The chemical is in the fruit’s peel, along with many other nutrients. Aside from citrus, limonene is also known as a popular cannabis terpene.

This colorless, yet vibrant chemical gets added to oils and products so people can experience the benefits. This is a natural substance that is abundant in orange peels, and you can learn to extract it yourself.

The fresh citrus scent makes this a memorable ingredient in many products and industries.

Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis containing limonene terpenes will typically have a sour and uplifting aroma.

The lemon oil vapors can help you feel refreshed and calm. Many people notice that their mood improves after consuming limonene terpenes. Flowers on cannabis plants, like citrus fruits, produce limonene.

Limonene terpenes are identified by their fruity, bright, and citrus aromas and flavors. Both THC and CBD products use limonene terpenes, which makes them easy to find. It’s believed that people who consume limonene cannabis will get relief from anxiety and stress almost instantly.

If you’re looking for the perfect limonene strain, Do-Si-Dos and Wedding Cake are two of the best options. Other options you could try include Banana OG, Strawberry Banana, and Black Cherry Soda.

Who Can It Help?

You don’t need a serious medical condition to experience the benefits of limonene terpenes in most states.

If recreational cannabis or hemp products are legal in your state, you can unwind with limonene.

People diagnosed with bronchitis, cancer, and obesity benefit from limonene. Scientific evidence still needs to be gathered, but it is showing positive signs for the future.

Evidence suggests people with obesity and diabetes may notice improvements after using limonene. Limonene can also reduce inflammation in the body and lungs. The anti-inflammatory properties help make people feel more relaxed and comfortable.

The Science Behind the Citrus

Whether you smoke or take edibles, limonene creates a chemical reaction in your body.

Limonene terpenes interact with neurotransmitters in the brain and increase certain hormones. Serotonin, which helps make people feel happy and euphoric, can help reduce stress. People suffering from anxiety and depression may notice an improvement.

Since serotonin levels increase in people that use limonene, it can aid people with a variety of ailments.

Although cannabis isn’t necessarily addicting, the feelings that people experience can be. A rush of happiness may feel good, but over time, it will take more limonene to experience the effects. Talk to a therapist or doctor if you have a hard time quitting.

Benefits of Limonene

Cancer patients have noticed improvements after consuming limonene since serotonin is so important.

Serotonin can help prevent blood clotting, nausea, and digestion issues. It can improve a person’s mood and sleeping patterns as well. When you increase serotonin levels, you can improve your well-being and relationships.

Many people recommend taking the Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety and depression. Gummies are a fun and simple way to get the benefits without having to light something up!

Studies are still being done, but they are also showing that limonene can help block and reduce cancer cells. These studies have only been done in the lab, however, so human testing will prove if it’s effective or not.

Other Perks

If you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux, limonene terpenes can help.

Limonene shows promising results in treating heartburn symptoms. The terpenes interact with the body and digestive tract. If you’re still not convinced, antibacterial and antifungal properties may help.

As more studies come out, scientists are discovering the benefits of this natural chemical. Some people even believe that the citrus aroma can help deter bugs, and you can find it in certain bug sprays. This is a great way to avoid dangerous chemicals and opt for natural solutions.

Sativa vs Indica

When it comes to smoking or eating edibles, you likely want to know what experience you will have.

Although limonene can be found in both Sativa and Indica strains, it’s primarily found in Sativa. Sativa strains often produce an energetic and uplifting experience, instead of feeling tired. Many people use limonene strains while they make music, craft, or work because they have increased concentration.

Indica limonene strains will have more relaxing effects. Jack Herer, Lemon Diesel, and Super Lemon Haze will give you a calming result.

If you don’t want to fall asleep, but need to calm down, hybrid strains are best. You can find a variety of limonene hybrids, like Banana Kush and Berry White.

Side Effects

Most people notice a feeling of comfort and calmness when they consume limonene.

Unfortunately, if you don’t consume the right amount, you may notice other symptoms. If you take limonene edibles, like gummies, you may notice a dry mouth. A dry mouth is treated with water and you can also buy hard candies.

Oral consumption is one of the safest ways to consume limonene, and you are less likely to have a reaction. If you apply cannabis products with limonene topically, you could have a skin reaction. If you’re allergic to limonene, you may break out in hives, have difficulty breathing, or notice swelling.

Antihistamines can help control reactions, but you should consult a doctor if you have any uncomfortable side effects.

Red Flags

If you consume more than 8 grams of limonene in 24 hours, you may experience more uncomfortable conditions.

Nausea and vomiting show that you’ve consumed more limonene than your body can process. If you’re breastfeeding or pregnant, you should consult a professional. Limonene can improve your health, but getting it through cannabis terpenes can cause medical issues.

You must pay attention to the terpenes and levels of cannabis in your foods or beverages. Unlabeled products can lead to over-consumption and you might start to feel sick.

Since limonene impacts the brain, you also need to use caution if you’re taking medications. Certain prescriptions can have negative interactions with limonene terpenes. If you take any medications that impact your liver, consult your doctor before trying limonene products.

Where Can You Find Limonene Terpenes?

If you live somewhere that’s legal to consume cannabis products, you can get access to limonene terpenes.

CBD products are legal in most states, these terpenes won’t have mind-altering effects, but still have benefits. You can find vapes, edibles, and water with limonene terpenes at smoke shops and dispensaries. THC products are at dispensaries, you may need a medical card to get them though.

When you go to the dispensary, make sure you are 21 years or older, have your ID, and have access to your money. You can talk to a budtender about what options they have containing limonene and discover all the different strains.

Other Places Limonene Is Popular

Most people don’t realize it, but limonene isn’t always consumed.

Limonene is a popular ingredient found in natural cleaning products since it has healing properties. This impressive terpene can purify your home and your mind, only leaving behind a fresh scent.

You can also find limonene in beverages, chewing gum, and foods. Limonene flavoring and natural compounds are found in a variety of products so you can always enjoy them.

If you end up hurting yourself, take a look at your healing ointments. Medical ointments and medications use limonene since it’s a natural immune booster. Certain skincare and makeup companies use this product to enhance their items too.

Next time you want to make a natural perfume, cleaner, or laundry detergent, look into how you can use limonene.

For the Love of Limonene

Limonene is an impressive chemical compound that has positive effects on the body and mind.

If you’re looking for cannabis terpenes or natural products, check out the label for the word ‘limonene.’ Limonene can help cancer patients and people with anxiety or chronic ailments. The benefits of limonene are endless, and more studies are still coming out.

Once you smell the refreshing citrus, you’ll fall in love with limonene products.

Make sure you check out our page for more content about healing terpenes and how you can improve your well-being.

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