Disability to Insurance Plans: A Guide to Veterans Health Care


Being a veteran with permanent disabilities, you have the right to accelerated access to veteran disability benefits.

But that is not the only veteran benefit covered under the U.S. government’s V.A. healthcare system. Long-term health conditions related to military service require support that the V.A. healthcare system covers.

These VA benefits generally fall under two plans: health care and disability. Before applying, you need to know the differences and the plan you qualify for.

Let’s look deeper at what veterans health care is and how to apply it.

What Does Veterans Health Care Cover?

Veterans health care provides veterans with disabilities a wide range of benefits. Many services help veterans with their medical, mental health, and long-term care needs. Depending on how they are classified, disabled veterans can get help with both their physical and psychological health.

Veterans may be able to get prosthetics and orthopedic devices, transportation to medical appointments, and specialized services like physical and occupational therapy in addition to regular medical care. Veterans with disabilities may be able to get disability supplemental insurance plans.

These plans cover costs that their V.A. health care benefits don’t cover.

How Do You Know if You’re Eligible?

To find out if you can get health care for veterans, you need to know what kind of disability you have and whether it is related to your service.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a disability rating system so veterans can get an idea of what kinds of coverage they can get based on their disability rating. The disability rating is between 0 and 100, which tells you what plan you can get.

Veterans who are enrolled in V.A. health care and have a rating of 30% or higher for a service-related disability will usually get more benefits than those with a rating of less than 30%.

Some veterans may also get extra benefits like money to pay for travel, help with school, and training for a specific job. Here is the disability benefits questionnaire to determine if you are eligible.

How to Apply for Veteran Health Care Benefits?

Veterans who want to apply for health care benefits can do so through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs by filling out an application form (V.A.). Veterans must first sign up for V.A. health care by filling out V.A. Form 10-10EZ on the V.A. website. After filling out the form, veterans can either send it by mail to the V.A. or online.

To ensure they are eligible for the program, veterans must also show proof of service, such as discharge papers or leave and earning statements. The VA should get back to veterans within 30 days of sending their applications.

If the application is accepted, the veterans will get a packet with instructions on how to sign up and more information about the benefits they can get.

Serving Those Who Served With Veterans Health Care

Veterans health care affords access to many significant health benefits for those who served in the military. By understanding their eligibility and available care options, veterans can maximize their benefits and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

If you or a loved one is a veteran interested in health care, contact your local Department of Veterans Affairs office for assistance.

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