How to Maintain a Drug-Free Campus

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Many schools have policies in place that prohibit drug use on campus. These policies can be traced back to several federal statutes and state laws.

While laws are in place to promote a drug-free environment, there are bad apples that break the rules. Those who choose to use drugs on campus can disrupt the learning environment.

There are actions that administrators can take to cut down on these illegal activities. Read on to learn how to maintain a drug-free campus.

Establish a Drug-Free Campus Policy

The first thing that must be done to make a campus drug-free is to establish a policy that prohibits their use. The policy should outline the actions that are banned on campus related to drug use.

The writing should be clear so that everyone understands that no drugs can be used on campus. The policy should apply to employees, students, and visitors.

The policy should outline that no drugs should be used. These include alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal substances.

Administrators should distribute the policy to everyone. They should email it to students, employees, and stakeholders. It would be ideal to post the policy throughout the main points of the campus so that visitors are aware of it.


A drug-free campus policy means nothing if there aren’t any consequences that go with breaking the policy. The campus administration should take proper disciplinary action against anyone who violates it.

A first-time offense can call for a warning. A second offense could call for the suspension of an employee who uses drugs on a college campus.

The distribution of drugs can lead to more severe consequences. In this case the police can be called in. The administration can then decide to terminate the employee.

Monitoring for Drugs

Officials should have a plan in place to help them find drugs. Administrators can choose to conduct random checks on a high school campus. They can do this if they suspect that students are using or distributing drugs.

Drug use among adolescents remains high. Statistics call for drug sniffing dogs to check for drugs. A drug sniffing dog has a strong nose that allows it to detect hidden drugs.

Administrators can hire a drug sniffing dog if they believe it to be a necessity. It’s an effective way to find drugs without having to open all the bookbags and search through personal possessions.


Every person bears the responsibility to promote a drug-free campus. Employees should report violations of the policy. No one who makes a report should face reprimands for taking action.

These Are Effective Ways to Maintain a Drug-Free Campus

Drugs pose a danger to the health and safety of people on school campuses. To promote a better environment for everyone, schools must maintain a drug-free campus. These are some of the effective ways that this can be done.

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