What are smart cities katagi modoshi chapter 1 ?

What are smart cities katagi modoshi chapter 1 ?
What are smart cities katagi modoshi chapter 1 ?

Smart cities are those cities that through technology try to improve the quality of life of citizens. Many people think that these are new cities that have been created in the 21st century, but the truth is that these territories are cities that have been adapting to the advancement of new technologies and digitizing themselves to improve the daily lives of their inhabitants.

Characteristics of smart cities:

The cities of the future present a series of common characteristics that identify them. Next, we are going to expose and explain them.

infrastructure development

One of the most important features of smart cities is infrastructure. These buildings adapt to the environmental changes in the city, contribute to the energy system and help, through the implementation of technology, to facilitate people’s daily lives. These infrastructures make access to cities easy.

Transit improvements

The rush hours of traffic in the city can cause a lot of stress to the citizens, since they cannot reach their destinations on time and that is why many more incidents occur. The cities of the future are prepared to solve the traffic problems of their territory through a good public transport network that communicates the different areas of the city perfectly, thus people can reach their destinations on time and avoid the large caravans even at peak times.

ecological ideas

Climate change is an increasingly present problem in our day to day. Smart cities have the best solutions for the creation of ecological mechanisms and recycling with which it is intended to reduce environmental pollution. One of the main objectives of these cities is to reduce the carbon footprint in relation to the environment.

Efficiency of public services

The cities of the future are deficient in public services, since the collection of water and recycling is high. In addition, these cities use waste disposal methods that are very effective.

Safety of citizens with the implementation of ICT

ensure the safety of their citizens with the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies in their streets. A smart city has cameras throughout the entire territory, lighting 24 hours a day and an efficient emergency service capable of responding and acting in the second in the event of incidents related to the health of citizens. The safety and tranquility of people are essential in smart cities.

Katagi Modoshi is a Japanese light novel series written by Kiyo Fujikawa and illustrated by Eiki Eiki. The series follows the story of a young woman named Misaki who, after being transported to another world, must learn how to survive in a land full of monsters and magic. 

Katagi Modoshi Chapter 1 introduces readers to the world of Katagi Modoshi andMisaki’s journey as she tries to find her way back home. The chapter also sets up the basics of the story’s plot and introduces some of the supporting characters. Despite being the first chapter, Katagi Modoshi Chapter 1 is an exciting and action-packed read that will leave readers wanting more.


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