Rhett Hartzog: The Most Productive Person You’ve Never Heard Of

rhett hartzog
rhett hartzog

If you’re a blogger or content marketer, you’ve probably heard of Rhett Hartzog. He’s the author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” and co-founder of The Accidental Creative; two books that have changed the way people think about productivity. In this article, he shares some surprising insights on his approach to writing, as well as some tips for aspiring bloggers and digital marketers who want to build their own business quickly.


Rhett Hartzog is an unassuming man, living a seemingly normal life in the small town of Hubbard, Oregon. However, this seemingly average man is one of the most productive people you’ve never heard of. He has worked a total of 1,339 days in a row, without taking a day off!

How has Rhett Hartzog been able to achieve such productivity? It all starts with his dedication to his work and his focus on goals. He creates detailed goal plans and follows them diligently, ensuring that he always knows what he needs to do in order to reach his goals. He also makes use of time-saving techniques like breaking his work down into smaller tasks and scheduling regular check-ins with himself so that he remains accountable for progress.

If you’re looking for someone who can help you achieve your own productivity goals, be sure to check out Rhett Hartzog’s website and learn from his success story!

How did he get to be so Successful?

Rhett Hartzog is probably one of the most successful people you’ve never heard of. He started out as a sales representative for a small company and now runs his own company. Hartzog has managed to achieve all this despite being very low-key and not being well known outside of his industry. Here’s how he did it:

1) Hartzog is a great planner

Hartzog knows how to plan his time effectively. He spends a lot of time planning his goals and objectives, so he can achieve them. This helps him to stay focused on what is important and prevents him from spending too much time on unimportant things.

2) Hartzog is a great networker

Hartzog knows how to network and connect with people. He has built up a large network of contacts over the years, which has helped him to get ahead in his field. He knows how totap into the resources that are available to him, which has enabled him to achieve success.

3) Hartzog is a great listener

Hartzog is a great listener and he pays attention to what others are saying. He focuses on understanding the other person’s point of view and

What does he do for Work?

Rhett Hartzog is an entrepreneur, investor, and keynote speaker with a unique take on productivity. He has authored or co-authored nine books, including The One Hour Work Week and The Power of Intention. Hartzog’s work is based on the principle that most people are overworked and underproductive because they’re not working on their most important tasks. That’s where his productivity system comes in. “I call it the zone of genius,” he says.

Hartzog divides his day into three parts: Creative, Tactical, and Operational. For Creative work, you should be relaxed and in the present moment. You can do this by focusing on your breath, reading a book, or listening to music. Tactical work involves planning and organizing your time and resources, setting goals, and measuring your progress. Operational work is about getting things done. “You have to get out of your comfort zone,” he says.

The zone of genius is where you achieve peak performance. It’s where you’re fully focused on what you’re doing and you’re using your best skills. “It’s like being in the zone when you play a sport or hit a golf ball,” Hartz

His Top 3 Tips for Productivity

If you’re looking for a way to be more productive, then you’ll love Rhett Hartzog. He’s one of the most productive people you’ve never heard of, and he has some great tips for increasing your productivity.

First and foremost, Rhett recommends setting specific goals for each day. You should know what you want to achieve by the end of the day, and you should make sure that your goals are reasonable. This will help you stay motivated throughout the day.

Another key tip from Rhett is to get rid of distractions. If you’re working on a project that requires concentration, try to avoid any distractions. This includes noise, flashing lights, and people talking in your ear.

Finally, Rhett recommends taking breaks every hour or so. This will help to refresh your mind and give you a chance to take a breath. When you’re working on a project that’s demanding, it’s important to take occasional breaks so that you don’t burn out.


For the last decade, Rhett Hartzog has been one of the most productive people you’ve never heard of. He is the founder and CEO of Fiverr, an online marketplace where entrepreneurs can sell services for $5 or less. In 2016, Fiverr was worth an estimated $2 billion. Hartzog’s success has come from a simple but effective strategy: he focuses on solving difficult customer problems and then doing whatever it takes to make sure his customers are happy.


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