How to Request Artwork on Wakiramasen 4chan VP

wakiramasen 4chan vp
wakiramasen 4chan vp

If you want to request artwork, you can do so in the “Request Art” thread. Make sure you copy and paste the request into the thread and do not post a link. Artists are not obliged to deliver on request, so you should ask for their permission before posting. After delivering, artists should post their work on booru for easy style identification and finding older works. This way, more people can view the art they have created.

Draw Threads

The purpose of the Draw Threads on Wakiramasen 4chan is to help aspiring artists and other people who just like drawing. Generally, users post requests for artwork on the board and artists fulfill the request. There are archives of the artwork posted in these threads. Shippings are also common on the board and often lead to arguments between users. Users also frequently guess the names of Pokemon and create a silhouette of it. In order to avoid a dispute, it is a good idea to post the artwork you require in one image and copy and paste the actual request.

Requesting pictures to be drawn

There are a few things to keep in mind when requesting pictures to be drawn on wakirama, mainly to make your request seem less spammy. You can also add references and keep your requests short and sweet. Make sure you’re patient and check your boorus regularly. When you’re making a new post, don’t respond to broken links or posts, wait until page 10 and the image limit has been reached, and don’t bump requests that have gone off to spamming. If you are trying to get a picture drawn on wakiramasen 4chan vp, don’t fight spam, because this is illegal.

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