7 Best Tips for Halloween Costumes For Kids in 2022


Organizing a parade requires a certain rigor. Indeed, you have to choose the children’s Halloween costumes, make the makeup and find the right accessories for each costume. Thus, it is important to set up a good organization so as not to forget anything: inspiration, choice of costume, and purchase of accessories. Here are the main steps to follow to parade serenely and with a smile on Carnival day. So the Spiderman Costumes will not be out of the box there.

1. Get Inspired To Surprise Your Friends on Carnival Day

The inspiration is the first thing to work to find the good ideas of the Carnival. Several questions arise during the preparation of the event: What are the trends for this New Year? Where to find new ideas? Where to buy the perfect costume for children?

For starters, you can search the internet for inspiration. Do not hesitate to walk around on different blogs. Jour de Fête regularly hosts its blog with articles on current topics to prevent you from running out of inspiration. So, after a quick read on the internet, you cannot miss the unicorn trend for this year 2019. Indeed, it is everywhere.

In addition, once the articles have been read, all you have to do is browse the store for new inspirations. If your kids are boys, they won’t particularly like the unicorn theme. then offers you other choices for this year: Super-heroes are always a success. The Batman costume is a safe bet for the occasion. Finally, among adults, the trend is towards inflatable disguises. You can find animal or character costumes to wow your friends on the day of the parade with an original disguise.

Look for ideas in advance to calmly choose the best costume for you and your children for the 2021 Carnival.

2. Choose Your Costume for the Carnival

Once you’ve found inspiration, it’s important to choose your Halloween costume carefully. Indeed, it is he who allows you to spend a festive day with a smile. For example, a costume that is too small or too old can cause you to miss your event. So, for your children, do not hesitate to choose a costume for their size. For this, Jour de Fête offers models adapted to the size of your children. The unicorn costume is available in baby size, but also in teenage size. Remember to check the size of the costume on the product sheet before placing your order so as not to be disappointed. Go with the Captain America Cosplay Costumes there and make your mark.

3. Find the Right Accessories to Complete Your Costume

To have a perfect disguise, you have to accessorize it correctly. Indeed, a clown costume is not perfect if it is not properly made up. Likewise, a pirate disguise is not successful if the latter does not wear an eye patch. Certain accessories are then real essentials for the occasion. Thus, you need special accessories to complete your disguise. If you want to transform into Darth Vader, you absolutely have to wear the correct mask.

Finally, don’t forget the makeup. Jour de Fête offers you a make-up kit with several colors to make different disguises. This one is ideal for making your children’s make-up. For adults, neon false eyelashes can give you a glamorous and festive touch during your runway.

It is therefore particularly important to anticipate the date of the Carnival so as not to have to run a few days before. For this, do not hesitate to take your time to find inspiration and choose the right disguise. You and your children will keep smiling on the day of the parade. So, plan the right accessories to make your Halloween costume perfect and create an illusion on Carnival day.


Would you like to transform yourself into a real hero at the next carnival or theme party and finally prove to everyone that you are blessed with true superpowers? Then you have just found the right article because we will explain step by step how you can make a superhero costume yourself. You don’t need a large collection of materials or years of experience in tailoring, because our superhero costume handicraft instructions can be implemented with very simple means.

If you still need one or two inspirations for the following costume instructions, you can of course also take a look at our superhero costumes. There you will definitely find a great idea for a hero whose costume you can recreate.

5. What Do I Need To Make A Homemade Superhero Costume?

You will need the following things for our self-made superhero costume:

  • An old t-shirt
  • A Velcro fastener (at least 6 cm long)
  • Cardboard box
  • Some felt fabric
  • A rubber band
  • A hand sewing needle
  • A sewing thread
  • A cutter knife
  • A pencil
  • A scissors
  • Some glue

Nothing more is required. So if you have everything to hand, you can start right away.

6. Turn an Old Shirt into a Brand New Superhero Cape

Lay the t-shirt flat on a table and first cut off both sleeves. Now cut the costume on both side seams up to the sleeve opening so that you can open the cape. If there is no side seam, then you should use the pencil to draw a straight line on the side before cutting, along which you can then cut. Grab two corners on one of the short sides and sew a Velcro fastener to each of them so that you can easily open and close the cape.

If you want to make your superhero cape even more unique, then add another piece of fabric in a different color, cut it into an individual superhero symbol according to your ideas and sew it directly onto your cape.

7. Making a Real Superhero Mask

Use the pencil to draw the outline of your Halloween mask on the cardboard box. Also, think of the places where the eye holes should be later. Cut out the mask with scissors and use the cutter knife to cut the eye openings in the hero mask. Now take a piece of felt fabric in your hand and cut it out to match the mask. You can place the cardboard box directly on the felt like a template.

Now glue the felt fabric onto the mask to give this color. Now cut a small slit or a small hole in each of the two edges of the mask and knot your elastic band at these points so that the mask gets a stable hold when you pull it over your head.

In a few minutes, you will receive a great homemade superhero costume with which you can really attract attention at a carnival or at a superhero theme party with your friends. And the best thing is that your DIY superhero costume is really individual and you certainly won’t have a lookalike at the costume party.

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