6 Stylish Bedroom Design Ideas


On average, people spend around 6.8 hours in their rooms every day.If you’re going to spend 2,482 hours in your bedroom per year, you might as well make it a space that you love. You don’t have to have a degree in interior design to be able to put a room together.

We know that a bedroom renovation can be difficult, but we’re here to make the process a little easier. There are so many options when it comes to decor ideas it can get overwhelming.

To help reduce your stress, we’ve put this guide together. It will give you unique bedroom design ideas with the hope that you find some inspiration for your home renovation. Keep reading for more!

Go Minimalist

A minimalist style isn’t for everyone, but it has been growing in popularity in recent years. The clean lines and simplicity are appealing to a lot of people.

Often times people think minimalist decor means no decor at all; however, that is not the case. While it’s true a modern minimalist-styled bedroom isn’t going to have a bunch of decor, you can still add a few pieces here and there.

The idea is to choose neutral colors. For example, different shades of gray, black, white, and brown are fairly common for people to use when trying to achieve a minimalist feel.

Picking out bedroom furniture can be a challenge with any room style. However, no matter what size your bedroom is, a Murphy bed is always a good option. It’s especially ideal if you are choosing to keep your room furniture and decor to a minimum.

We know that when it comes to designing a bedroom; the cost is a major determining factor. Murphy bed cost can vary depending on the size of the bed you order and what materials you choose to get. There are ways to decorate on a budget, it will just take a little extra time and research.

Add Some Art Deco

If minimalism isn’t your style, you may want to consider adding some art deco decor instead. This bedroom style is going to be quite the opposite of what we previously discussed.

Art deco is very distinctive. It’s a bold design that really focuses on symmetry and elegance. This is another design that can be intimidating. However, it may not be as challenging as you think.

To bring more art deco design into your bedroom, you’ll want to bring different geometric shapes into the mix. This can be done by adding wallpaper with squares, triangles, and circles or by adding geometric throw pillows to your bed.

Art Deco should also feel luxurious so try adding metallic accents. Be on the lookout for a brass lamp, a chrome statement piece, or a metallic chandelier.

Incorporate Industrial Pieces

An industrial-style room is often confused with minimalist decor. Even though they use similar color schemes and tend to be more modern, they couldn’t be more different.

An industrial style is going to be edgier and not as soft and cozy. There is typically a focus on raw materials such as concrete and often time pipes and brick walls are used as accent pieces.

Mix Rustic and Chic

If you’re looking to make your room cozy while still adding a bit of charm, consider rustic chic decor. This bedroom design will incorporate natural materials as well, but instead of concrete, you’ll use wood and stone.

You may want to consider choosing furniture with a distressed wood look and a warm color palette. Adding a few vintage ascents can also help bring the room together.

Coastal Grandma Room Ideas

A coastal grandma-styled room has become very popular. It may seem difficult to recreate, but it’s pretty simple. There are many ways you can make this room decor work even if you aren’t near the beach.

This style combines lots of aspects from other styles and pulls them together to make them flow. For example, a coastal grandma-inspired room is going to be cozy and welcoming, but also light and airy. It’s going to incorporate natural textures, beachy colors, and vintage accents.

You’ll want to include wicker, rattan, or jute to give the room a touch of rustic charm. To make the room look beachy without being cheesy, you’ll want to incorporate pale blues, soft greens, and sandy beiges.

Adding a few florals, like an accent wall or throw pillows, will give your bedroom a beach cottage feel, without making it too stuffy. There’s a lot of room to play around with this style, so take your time and make it your own.

Choose a Bohemian Style Room

If you have a lot of bedroom design ideas that you want to incorporate you may want to consider this style room. It’s bold and bright, and there’s a lot of freedom when it comes to this style. A bohemian-styled room will have lots of patterns, layered rugs, and unique textiles.

You can use a mixture of art and plants to create a cozy room. There aren’t many rules when it comes to this style, so get creative.

Bedroom Design Ideas

The best part of a bedroom renovation is you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can combine different styles and different furniture pieces to make a unique design.As you start the decoration process, keep these bedroom design ideas in mind. It can take some time to find your style so don’t rush the process.It can be hard to find inspiration when you’re redecorating, but the good news is, our site is full of articles and blogs to help you. Keep browsing our page for more tips and home decor ideas.

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