Top 7 Interior Color Trends for 2023

the color indigo

The average homeowner opts to paint the interior or exterior of their homes every 3-10 years. However, a fresh coat of paint can help brighten up your home and give it a new aesthetic. It doesn’t take much to make your home feel brand new again.

If you’re looking to update your home’s color palette, turn to the color trends of 2023 for some inspiration. The unique color options available can help you turn your home’s interior from drab to fab in no time.

Want to know more about color trends? Keep reading below for 7 color trends of 2023 you’ll want to explore.

1. Emerald Green

Emerald green is one of the top emerging color trends of 2023. It is generally a brighter shade of green on the color palette depending on the mixture of blue and yellow used.

Colors like emerald green can also add harmony and help you create a more balanced space. This means if you have a workout room or a yoga studio in your home, painting the walls emerald green can help you feel more grounded.

Using emerald green in your home also gives you a more nature-centered feel in your home so you may want to incorporate plants into your decor. Green is often seen as a  symbol of good luck. In Feng Shui decorating, emerald green represents harmony, abundance, healing, and love.

2. Cherry Pink

Cherry pink is a warm color on the color spectrum. It has a pleasing color palette of deep magenta with a dusty rose-pink undertone. The striking yet soothing interplay of color makes it well-suited for the list of color trends of 2023.

But cherry pink doesn’t have to be reserved for a little girl’s Princess-themed bedroom, it works just as well for adults too. This color is romantic and inviting and can help enhance any space. It exudes positive feminine energy and warmth.

This can promote peacefulness, hope, and comfort in your home or personal space like your bedroom or bathroom. It goes well with earthy tones or more neutral colors, like beige, to create a calming vibe.

3. Magenta

Ready for something truly bold? Then you’ll want to tap into Magenta as one of the top color trends of 2023. The Pantone Color Institute crowned “Viva Magenta” as its designated color of 2023, replacing last year’s “Very Peri” color selection.

Magenta is a purple and red mixture that takes more of its attributes from red hues. It can look more pink or purple depending on how much of each color is mixed in. The Viva Magenta tone from Pantone has been described as a “nuanced crimson red tone” on the color palette.

Many true color purists assert that magenta doesn’t exist since it cannot be seen on the visible light spectrum. However, mixing red and blue-violet with an absence of green produces this psychological color effect. Magenta can influence energy, happiness, cheerfulness, and contentment.

4. Cornflower Blue

Blue tones in your home can help soothe your mental health and promote stability. Cornflower blue in particular is a soft and powdery shade of blue with a slight gray undertone. It pairs well with other gray, white, and cream-colored decorating accents to give your room a light and spacious feel.

A Cornflower Blue color palette can be a great choice for decorating a home office since it can help psychologically promote creative thinking, enhance productivity, and also reduce anxiety.

With all of the stress and tension going on in the world, it’s no wonder why such a soothing color like Cornflower Blue makes the list of top color trends of 2023.

5. Earthy Brown

With all of these bright colors springing up, there is also space on the list of color trends of 2023 for something on the other end of the spectrum. Earthy brown tones are a popular juxtaposition to these more in-your-face color palette options. It’s like bringing the outside to the inside and incorporating your own nature reserve into your home.

If your home or personal decor preferences favor more natural or organic styles, this one is for you. Natural earth-based brown tones can help you feel more grounded, promote warmth, and create an inviting home environment.

You can also find interesting textures in furniture and other decor pieces to match the naturalistic vibe. Don’t be afraid to mix in Earthy Brown with some other trending colors as well. You can use one of the 2023 color trends to create a daring accent wall.

6. Honeycomb

Bright and vibrant, Honeycomb is a bold choice with a melding of orange and yellow tints to give it a marigold vibe. Honeycomb was named one of the best color trends of 2023 by Etsy.

It embodies the color of Fall leaves or the glow of a late Summer sunshine. Honeycomb’s warmth can instantly brighten up any room with its golden color palette.

It would make a superb color for a kitchen as it has a sunny and welcoming appeal. Orange and yellow tints can boost your mood and promote a healthy appetite. Honeycomb would also make an ideal color complement for a room in your home that gets a healthy dose of midday sunshine.

7.  Indigo

Indigo is another one of the best color trends of 2023. It was named by Etsy, in combination with Honeycomb. But what exactly is the color Indigo anyways?

You may be interested to hear that Indigo is a mixture of deep blue and violet together. This gives Indigo a rich and lush coloring. It has a dark blue tone with hints of purple-violet mixed in.

Using a blue-violet color palette like Indigo can help you create a calming space. For example, in your bedroom, painting the walls in Indigo tones will help calm, soothe, and relax you at night when you are trying to go to sleep.

Indigo is also ideal for use in decorating the walls of an at-home office space since it promotes clarity of thought and aids in concentration.

Find Out About Top Color Trends for 2023 and More Today

The top color trends of 2023 offer your home an exciting array of color options to choose from. Your home will never be bland and boring looking again. Every individual has their own unique color palette that they can mix and match to create the distinct home of their dreams.

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