The Brief and Only College Essentials Checklist That You’ll Ever Need


While college enrollment has been trending down over the past few years, millions of students start their college journeys every year. Are you one of them?

This is such an exciting time! Getting a college education can be life-changing. Make sure you arrive on campus prepared.We’re here with a brief college essentials checklist so you can start shopping for your must-haves. Read on to learn more.

A Reliable Computer

A reliable computer is probably the #1 thing you need when you’re starting your college education at any level. This is true for all types of schools, not just online ones, like the online MBA found here.

If you aren’t able to afford a computer, you may be able to check one out from your school library or use the computers within the library or various computer labs. That said, most college assignments require online access at this point, so it’s in your best interest to have your own laptop.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but make sure it’s modern and powerful enough for the classes you’re taking. Someone taking graphic design classes will need a more powerful computer than someone taking bio classes, for example.

Basic Desk Supplies

Depending on what you’re going to school for, your basic desk supplies will vary. At the very least, you want to have things like pencils, pens, paper, and various notebooks or binders.It’s also a good idea to have post-it notes, highlighters, and other desk supplies that can help you stay organized.

Many items will be available for you at school assuming you’re going to an in-person university. School libraries tend to have things like staplers, hole-punchers, paper clips, and other smaller office supplies that you may not use as often.

A Physical Planner

A physical planner will be your best friend as a college student.

Many people try to exclusively use digital planners. If that works for you, great! However, research suggests that people remember things better when they physically write them down.In other words, the act of writing things down in your planner is going to keep you more organized.With a physical planner, you have a visible representation of all of your tasks for the day. It can be difficult to adjust to writing everything down, but it’s a game-changer.

Dorm Essentials

Are you living on your own for the first time? In that case, there are a few dorm (or apartment) essentials you’ll need.

Make sure you have bedding and towels. These things won’t be provided for you by the dorm. Depending on the dorm, you may also need to supply your own furniture.Most dorms don’t allow cooking, but you may want to have utensils and dishes for when you’re eating snacks. You should also bring decor items to make your dorm feel more like a home.Your specific dorm essentials will depend on your preferences and what your college allows.

Keep This College Essentials Checklist in Mind

This college essentials checklist is brief, but it’s a good starting point for your pre-college shopping trip. Don’t forget your desk supplies, your planner, your dorm essentials, or your computer on your first day of college!

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