Chipotle’s “Burritos Or Bitcoin” Contest Is Real

Burritos Or Bitcoin
Burritos Or Bitcoin

The popularity of cryptocurrency has led to an increased interest in cryptocurrencies, and the Chipotle “Burritos or Bitcoin” campaign is no exception. The popular Mexican fast-food chain said that the game is no April Fool’s Day joke, but that it is a real promotion. A few weeks ago, the price of Bitcoin soared above $60,000, and Elon Musk’s investment in the cryptocurrency has only gained more attention.

This April, Chipotle is giving away $100,000 worth

of free burritos and Bitcoin to its loyal customers. The event is being held to celebrate National Burrito Day. In addition to giving away the traditional food item, Chipotle is also providing its fans with the opportunity to win a portion of the money in Bitcoin. You can enter the contest to win a burrito or special offer from Chipotle by using your Facebook account to download the game.

The Chipotle “Burritos or Bitcoin

Game sends players on a mission to rescue Bitcoin. You must guess a six-digit code to win a free burrito or a special Chipotle coupon. To participate in the contest, you must be a Facebook fan of Chipotle. The deadline to enter is April 1, and the winner will receive a prize worth $100,000 in Bitcoin.

Chipotle is offering a $100,000 bitcoin giveaway in exchange for free burritos and Bitcoin

It is the first U.S. brand to do so. The promotion will be run by the marketing agency Stefan Thomas and will encourage consumers to participate in a mock chiptocurrency rescue mission. There are also several other ways to win free bitcoin and burritos. If you’re interested, visit the website for more details.

On April 1, Chipotle is offering a $100,000 Bitcoin giveaway with free burritos. The company is also offering a $10,000 burrito or bitcoin. This promotion is open to everyone, and you’ll need to be a Chipotle fan to participate. It is a fun way to celebrate National Burrito Day and celebrate the cryptocurrency community. You’ll have to guess a six-digit code and you can win a free burrito or special Chipotle coupon.

Chipotle is also giving away $100,000 worth of free burritos with their

Burritos or Bitcoin” promotion. The contest is launching on April 1 at 9am PST on April Fool’s Day, but it is not a joke! While the competition is real, it is the first time a food outlet is giving away cryptocurrency in a promotion like this. The contest is running until April 1, and the winners will win either a free burrito or a special Chipotle coupon.

The “Burritos or Bitcoin” promotion is a fun way to get free bitcoin and burritos

The Chipotle app allows players to play a free game that challenges their skill and knowledge. The winner will receive a special offer and $20,000 in Bitcoin. The winnings will be announced on April 1 at 6 p.m. One lucky person will win a free burrito, while fifty others will win $500 in bitcoin.

The Chipotle “Burritos or Bitcoin

promotion is a fun way to get free bitcoin. A contest is held on the Chipotle website to give away the free bitcoin to people who have guessed the correct six-digit code. If you win, you’ll get a free burrito and a special Chipotle offer. And if you’re a fan of the restaurant, you can win a Bitcoin and a free burrito.

The “Burritos or Bitcoin” promo is a fun way to win free bitcoin and free burritos. If you’re a Chipotle fan, you might want to try your luck to win some of the cash. However, if you’re not a big bitcoin person, this promotion is not for you. It is a promotion that’s open to everyone, so be sure to enter!

The “Burritos or Bitcoin” sweepstakes is open to all legal resident

of the United States and Washington D.C. It’s a good way to encourage more consumers to use the cryptocurrency. For example, Chipotle’s social media accounts are widely shared and people follow these pages on Facebook. The contest is open to people in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The competition is open to all age groups, and participants can enter as many times as they want.

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