5 Common Equipment Hauling Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business


Getting equipment from one place to another is common for businesses, and knowing how to manage it effectively is vital. Equipment hauling comes with an opportunity for mistakes that can harm your business.

But what mistakes should you watch out for when hauling standard equipment? If you’re in the equipment hauling business, knowing how to prepare for that industry’s future is important.

Read on for the most common equipment hauling mistakes to steer clear of.

Overlooking Proper Documentation

Every shipment must include information specific to the materials being transported. This includes permits and bills of lading.

Without the appropriate documents, shipments can become delayed. Worse is being stopped and fined by law enforcement.

Also, not having the proper documents can lead to disputes between shippers and receivers. The issue usually arises over the condition and quantity of the delivered materials.

Businesses need to be diligent when dealing with paperwork. Always double-check to ensure all necessary documents are signed and filed.

Disregarding Adverse Weather Conditions

One of the businesses’ most common equipment-hauling mistakes is disregarding adverse weather conditions. This mistake can damage the equipment, and parts of the cargo route may become impassable.

Businesses should always be aware of weather forecasts along their entire route. Take the necessary precautions to ensure safety and protect their equipment.

Be sure to check forecasts as often as possible and adjust delivery deadlines and routes accordingly. If drivers find themselves driving in hazardous weather conditions, consider alternate paths.

Ignoring Safety Requirements

Drivers need to be aware of the applicable local hauling regulations that need to be followed in a commercial truck. These are required by law and are not to be ignored.

This can lead to hefty fines or safety-related incidents if they are not adhered to properly. Always ensure the driver takes care of their basic equipment hauling safety needs.

This means wearing proper safety gear, such as a hard hat and a full-body safety harness. Ensure that the load is properly secured at all times.

Failing to Account for Insurance

Insurance is necessary to protect yourself and your business from any potential liabilities. This is especially important if the equipment is damaged, stolen, or otherwise not accounted for.

Your business will be liable for damages or losses without proper insurance protection. It is also essential to check with your carrier to ensure that all of your equipment is insured during the entire duration of the haul.

Failure to Compare Hauling Cost

There is a huge discrepancy in pricing between different hauling companies, and there are also hidden costs that can add up quickly. By researching different companies, you can avoid overspending.

Make sure to compare costs thoroughly. This includes fuel, insurance, loading/unloading fees, and weight and size restrictions.

Look at the experience of hot shot trucking service here when comparing services. This includes customer reviews, delivery times, and post-delivery follow-up services.

Identifying Common Equipment Hauling Mistakes

Never underestimate the importance of proper equipment delivery. Research thoroughly and appropriately leverage resources to avoid these equipment hauling mistakes.

Reach out to an experienced logistics expert to evaluate your plan to ensure it will set you up for success. This will make hauling heavy equipment easier and safer.

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