3 Bridesmaid Dress Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


On average, 178 guests are invited to a wedding. While the bridal party is usually more intimate, you need to look your best in front of the crowd. There are a lot of things to consider when buying a dress ranging from the style to how it will hold up with the weather.

So, keep reading to find out more about a few bridesmaid dress buying mistakes you should avoid.

Not Considering Your Underwear

Underwear is the foundation of every outfit. If your underwear isn’t supportive and comfortable it will show. You want clean lines when wearing your bridesmaid dress, so carefully consider what underwear to wear underneath.

A good rule of thumb is to wear nude underwear that won’t show through your dress. Seamless panties or thongs are a good option as you won’t need to worry about your underwear while wearing a tight dress.

You should pick your bra while you’re trying on bridesmaid dresses. A strapless or convertible bra is usually a good idea. This allows you to see how your breasts will look on the day of the wedding and if you need to book any bridesmaid dress alterations beforehand.

Remember you are supposed to be comfortable in your dress, so work up from your underwear.

Material, Length and Color Matters

When it comes to comparing different bridesmaid dress styles you’ll find that the material, length, and color are the main deciding factors. If you match two of these three items you’ll be able to create a bridal party that people will talk about for years to come.

Having everyone in matching materials and colors with different lengths can be a fun way to let your bridesmaids show their personalities.

You can also make the length and color the main deciding factors. Once you’ve decided on the length of the dresses you can all coordinate the color. These sage green long bridesmaid dresses are a great example of how long dresses of the same color can look uniform but unique at the same time.

Not Thinking About the Weather

This is one of the worst mistakes many brides make. You find the perfect bridesmaid dress and insist all your friends buy it, only to have them freeze to death on your wedding day.

You need to consider when and where your wedding will be. You’re most likely choosing dresses months in advance, so you can’t rely on the current weather conditions to make your decision.

Bridesmaid Dress Buying Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to shopping for the bridal party there are a few bridesmaid dress buying mistakes you need to avoid like the plague. If you want the experience to be as painless as possible you need to consider the pitfalls and how small things like your underwear can change the entire look.

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